Reveal LOK Hangers RL3.5

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Reveal Series' dovetail ribs provide a simple, economical, and permanent means for hanging
ceilings, piping, ducts, and other mechanical and utility components. Available in two styles, the
Reveal Lok hangers are inserted parallel to the ribs and can be placed continuously, spaced
every 6 inches (RS2.0 Profile) or 8 inches (RS3.5 Profile) across the width of the profile.
Hangers can be purchased and installed as they are needed, and can be relocated, inserted, or
removed and reused at any time during the life of the building.

The Reveal Lok Hanger consists of the following components:
Wedge Nut shaped for appropriate profile
3/8" x 12" All Thread
3/8" Washer
3/8" Locking Nut
3/8" to 3/8" Coupler Nut

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RL3.5 x 3/8" dia., RL3.5 x 1/2" dia.