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CSC isn’t owned by a steel producer, so our only focus is on the value of the products we create and our ability to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it. Our skilled team of engineers thrive on complex work requiring a high level of expertise, and they create dynamic designs that meet your project’s unique budget and requirements.

Our product options currently include:

Open Web Steel Joists

  • K Series
  • LH Series
  • DLH Series
  • Joist Girders
  • Special Geometries (i.e. Single Pitched, Gable, Bowstring, etc)

Steel Deck

  • Roof Deck
  • Composite Deck
  • Form Deck
  • Cellular Deck
  • Acoustical Deck
  • Dovetail Deck
  • Bridge Form

For a complete list of current products offered, please browse through the product catalogues, which you can download below. If you have any questions, please reach out to us by contacting us here. 


CSC’s Online Store

Whether you’re getting ready for a small project, or you ran short of supplies on the job site, you can immediately place an order from anywhere.

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