CSC Joins The Steel Plus Network

CSC is excited to join the Steel Plus Network as a Preferred Supplier.

The mission of the Steel Plus Network (SPN) is to bring together leading North American fabricators and suppliers of steel products. This network serves to provide the market with the highest quality steel and related products and services.

Becoming a member of SPN is an exciting opportunity as CSC will have access to this nation-wide support network as we work to bring high quality steel products and services to market. CSC will also receive benefits such as centralized marketing and communication with all members in order to promote CSC products, services, events and more.

The SPN also strengthens industry relationships between fabricators and suppliers, offering benefits for all members involved. This includes organizing meetings for members to grow and innovate, discuss best practices and operational improvements, provide opportunities for improvement through educational presentations, motivational messages, and industry expert reports. Members of SPN also benefit from insight and guidance on leading-edge technology solutions to improve their business.

We look forward to engaging with all SPN has to offer and are proud to join the group as a Preferred Supplier.