Hope Church


Since the year 2001, Hope Church has been a growing presence in the Las Vegas community. Their mission to serve and connect with the community has led to rapid growth. With the help of CSC, they have expanded their building footprint to be able to accommodate their ongoing success.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Hope Baptist Church of Las Vegas
Hope Baptist Church
MOSER Architecture Studio
Sierra Consulting Structural Engineers
General Contractor:
Layton Construction
Steel fabricators:
Steel Partners

CSC Products Used in Completing this Project


squares of LF3X
18 & 20 Gage G60
Form Deck

squares of B36
20 Gage Painted
Roof Deck

squares of BA36
20 Gage Painted
Acoustic Roof Deck

tons of long span joists; up to 88” deep and 156’ long

The existing worship center for Hope Church was completed in 2012 with a seating capacity of 850. By 2017, the church had grown and far exceeded that capacity.

In order to accommodate the growing number of attendees, the church began holding four different services every Sunday morning. This created logistical challenges as well as a disjointed experience for visitors.

CSC successfully helped to increase the square footage of the building to solve these challenges. The biggest benefits from this expansion are the increased seating capacity and improved visitor experience, along with better audio and video capabilities.

“We have created a fully networked and integrated worship center that allows us to leverage the advantages of technology during our service,” said Morne Maritz, Executive Pastor of Operations. “Because of the shape and stadium seating of the auditorium, we are also able to maintain a feeling of intimacy and keep the attendees engaged with the preacher and each other.”

CSC is proud to have been selected as a community partner for this expansion and looks forward to seeing Hope Church’s continuous success.