CSC’s services were selected to build the largest Delta Sonic in the country. Delta Sonic is a family-owned and operated chain of combination car wash, gas station, and convenience stores headquartered in Buffalo, NY.

Oswego, IL
Garbe Iron Works, Inc.
Delta Sonic

Herschman Architects, Inc.
Pierce Engineering, Inc.
General Contractor:
CDO Group, Inc.
Steel fabricators:
Garbe Iron Works, Inc.

The 62,000 ft² Delta Sonic features:

  • 9,500 ft² car wash
  • 13,725 ft² indoor vacuuming station and gas station
  • 9,200 ft² convenience store
  • 9,300 ft² detailing facility
  • 6,750 ft² tire and lube shop, and small restaurant with drive-thru brick oven pizza, coffee, and deli service.

Canam Steel Corporation provided 83 tons of joists for this project, including short, mid, and long span joists–as well as 18” and 40” deep barrel joists, and 632 squares of 1.5″ B roof deck.

There were a few design challenges with this project, including the vast and open convenience store as well as the glass interior walls and barrel roof of the building. To accommodate the open space of the convenience store, 80’ long steel joists were designed specifically for this project. These joists were shipped in one piece with all of the associated bridging, saving time and labor upon arrival. The joists provided an efficient and cost effective solution for the structure that also allowed for mechanicals to easily be integrated into the ceiling. The large glass walls and exposed roof system showcased the 40” bowstrings in the barrel roof.

Environmentally-conscious technology was used throughout the building, including solar panels, LED lighting, and equipment that will allow the facility to harvest and recycle rainwater for use in the car wash. Despite an intense schedule and the significant square footage, the end product was a bright, functional, LEED-certified, architecturally-pleasing building.