Frick’s Quality Meats, Inc.


Founded in 1896, Frick’s is a fifth-generation, family-owned smoked meat producer that ships their products to grocery retailers all across the country. The company is currently expanding their processing facility in Washington, Missouri to accommodate their growth.

Washington, MO
Kupferer Brothers Ornamental Iron Works
Frick’s Quality Meats, Inc

ESI Design Services
4th Dimension Design, Inc.
General Contractor:
ESI Constructors
Steel fabricators:
Kupferer Brothers Ornamental Iron Works

CSC Products Used in Completing this Project


square of deck

squares of UFS35 G60

square of B36 Gray Top/White Bottom

tons of joists; Mid spans and long spans up to 53’ long

Frick’s is a family-owned, community-forward company that produces smoked meats and ships to grocery stores all over the United States. To support company growth and accommodate more than 300 employees, the company is in the process of expanding its headquarters by 22,000 square feet.

The expansion will increase the size of their raw meat preparation area and improve overall capacity by up to 22%, helping to better meet growing demand for their products. Most known for their smoked ham, Frick’s also produces smoked turkey and sausages as well.

“Our philosophy is to do business with people we like, trust, and respect,” said Ellory Frick, National Account Manager, Frick’s Quality Meats, Inc. “We rely on that philosophy when it comes to serving our customers, as well as the business we do with our suppliers and partners. We also like to do business with people from our community when we can, so working with CSC is a natural fit. It’s been a long time coming, and we’re very excited to see what opportunities this expansion brings.”

As a community partner, CSC was proud to be selected for this expansion, and looks forward to seeing Frick’s continuous success.