Melton Machine and Control Company


In 2018, the company set out on a major expansion project to accommodate their growth. It purchased a 42-acre site–the largest industrial property sale in Washington–to construct a 367,000 sq ft building that would serve as its new manufacturing facility and headquarters. This new building would more than double the size of its original facilities, and allow the addition of 20 new staff members to its existing 130-member staff.

Washington, MO
Kupferer Brothers Ornamental Iron Works, Inc.
Melton Machine & Control Company

Gray Design Group, Inc.
Case Engineering
General Contractor:
Contegra Construction
Steel fabricators:
Kupferer Brothers Ornamental Iron Works, Inc.

CSC Products Used in Completing this Project:

  • 1 ½” B36 Roof Deck 22 Gage Galv G60 ~ 3,230 squares

  • UFS35 Floor Deck 28 Gage G60 ~ 570 squares

  • Mid-span joists and girders ~ 504 tons

Employee-owned company, Melton Machine & Control Company, is an innovative equipment designer and builder of custom solutions for factory automation. They primarily create arc welding systems that are used in vehicle manufacturing, including, but not limited to, exhaust assemblies, seat frames, suspension components, and ride control products like shock
absorbers and struts.

CSC supplied various products for this large project, including roof deck, floor deck, joists, and girders. Despite the challenges of the building’s size and location, Melton Machine & Control Company successfully opened the LEED-certified facility in 2020–in time for the company’s 50th anniversary. Every inch of this space needed to be utilized and the building required vast, open areas without obstructions. The use of CSC’s girders and long span joists were the perfect solution.

“One of the biggest things we gain in this expansion is the floor space for customers’ equipment to be set up,” said Glenn Archer, vice president of sales and marketing of Melton Machine & Control Company, in a statement. “We’ll get the opportunity to work with larger companies and larger projects because we have the space.”