South Point Elementary School


CSC’s products were selected to construct South Point Elementary School, an innovative new school in Washington, MO with capacity to serve 550 students. The 78,000-square-foot school serves kindergarten through sixth grade students.

Washington, MO
Precision Fabrication, Inc.
School District of Washington

Bond Architects, Inc
SSC Engineering
General Contractor:
K&S Associates, Inc.
Steel fabricators:
Precision Fabrication, Inc.

CSC products used in completing this project:

  • LF2-36 ~ 2” Composite Floor Deck 20 Gage G90 ~ 276 squares
  • RS2.0A ~ Reveal Series Dovetail 2” Acoustic 20 Gage G60 ~ 9 squares
  • B36 ~ B Roof Deck 20 Gage G60 ~ 409 squares
  • B36 ~ B Roof Deck 16 Gage G60 ~ 7 squares
  • BA36 ~ B Acoustic Roof Deck 16 Gage G60 ~ 47 squares
  • BA36 ~ B Acoustic Roof Deck 20 Gage G60 ~ 30 squares
  • Long span joists; 32” & 36” Deep and over 52’ Long
  • K Series

CSC provided a wide variety of products for the construction of this spacious and contemporary elementary school, including roof deck, floor deck, and joists. Built in 2021, construction had to take place swiftly in order to open before the beginning of the school year. Without a completed project, students would begin the school year learning in trailers.