South Point Elementary School


CSC’s products were selected to construct South Point Elementary School, an innovative new school in Washington, MO with capacity to serve 550 students. The 78,000-square-foot school serves kindergarten through sixth grade students.

Washington, MO
Precision Fabrication, Inc.
School District of Washington

Bond Architects, Inc
SSC Engineering
General Contractor:
K&S Associates, Inc.
Steel fabricators:
Precision Fabrication, Inc.

CSC products used in completing this project:

  • LF2-36 ~ 2” Composite Floor Deck 20 Gage G90 ~ 276 squares
  • RS2.0A ~ Reveal Series Dovetail 2” Acoustic 20 Gage G60 ~ 9 squares
  • B36 ~ B Roof Deck 20 Gage G60 ~ 409 squares
  • B36 ~ B Roof Deck 16 Gage G60 ~ 7 squares
  • BA36 ~ B Acoustic Roof Deck 16 Gage G60 ~ 47 squares
  • BA36 ~ B Acoustic Roof Deck 20 Gage G60 ~ 30 squares
  • Long span joists; 32” & 36” Deep and over 52’ Long
  • K Series

CSC provided a wide variety of products for the construction of this spacious and contemporary elementary school, including roof deck, floor deck, and joists. Built in 2021, construction had to take place swiftly in order to open before the beginning of the school year. Without a completed project, students would begin the school year learning in trailers.

South Point Elementary was designed by architects, Bond Architects, Inc, to be angular and industrial, and feature shared learning spaces with numerous seating options for each grade level.

These collaborative classrooms are at the center of the school’s teaching philosophy, to promote inquiry-based, hands-on learning in a group environment. In addition, the combined library and maker space required lots of light for students to read, create, and explore.

To effectively make the variety of spaces necessary for these important learning experiences, joists that range in size from 10” deep and 10” long, to 32” deep and upwards of 52” long were selected for this school. These joists were chosen in part thanks to their ability to span long distances while also minimizing the weight of the members. In addition, the open geometry of the joists allows for utilities to pass through them, rather than under them, which minimizes the roof envelope.

For the second floor of the building, steel beams were used along with our 2” Lok-Floor composite deck and a variety of deck types for the roof. Each classroom area used a standard 1 ½” deep B roof deck, since it was hidden by other building materials. For larger, open spaces, including the cafeteria and gymnasium, BA acoustical deck was chosen as a cost-effective way to reduce echo. And, for the lobby, the school’s busiest area, high-end Reveal Series dovetail acoustical deck was chosen because it is exposed to view and offers a superior aesthetic as well as an impressive acoustic performance.

The building was successfully finished before the start of the school year, so students were able to take advantage of innovative learning spaces on the very first day, giving them stability and a better opportunity for success.

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