Specialized Nut Bridges the Gap on the Jobsite

You’re on the construction site and you’ve come across a little problem with big implications. An anchor bolt is just a bit too short to engage the nut, delaying your steel installation and forcing you to find solutions. The Anbo-X nut is your answer.

Anbo-X nuts are elongated nuts that can be used when an anchor bolt doesn’t project high enough above the concrete foundation to attach a regular nut. By machining a piece of high strength steel into two different sections, this special nut can attach to a shortened anchor bolt, thereby minimizing additional project costs, reducing installation time and keeping your project on schedule.

Previously, CSC sold Canada’s Elocone nuts, which serve the same function. Anbo-X nuts are the Made in the USA version of the elongated fastener which can now be purchased through CSC. The purchasing process remains the same – interested customers can visit shop.CSCsteelUSA.com or call Jean Paul Sirois at either (508) 230-5181 or (508) 238-4500 to order the product.

More information about Anbo-X Nuts and associated washers, including a size chart, can be found in the product datasheet. To compare product designations from previous Elocone orders, please refer to our Anbo-X Nut Reference Chart.

Don’t let the insufficient length of anchor bolts derail your project – keep Anbo-X nuts in mind and complete your job safely and on time.